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David Jaffe Planning To Depart From Eat Sleep Play

As the PS3 exclusive combat racer prepares to ship this month Eat Sleep Play co-founder David Jaffe revealed his plans to depart from the company.

Scott Campbell broke the news during an interview with The Salt Lake Tribune stating that Jaffe is leaving the company the two of them created to tackle the casual market. When the story made waves online, Jaffe took to Twitter to explain his reasons for leaving ESP, his plans to continue supporting Twisted Metal and what’s ahead.

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Jaffe on Twisted Metal

This is just looking amazing. October 4th, 2011 is the new release date, and it can not come faster for me. Sid Shuman, Senior Social Media Specialist, sat down with Jaffe and this is what he came away with:

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David Jaffe on the Release Date of Twisted Metal

With the recent release of a new gameplay/story teaser trailer of Twisted Metal (which we showed you here), David Jaffe gave us a short video, letting us know of some upcoming stuff pertaining to the game (such as events and character reveals). And, of course, what is a David Jaffe video without a few swear words and humor?


David Jaffe Chimes in on Geohot

We all know David Jaffe is not a man who is scared to speak his mind. Lately it seems none other then Geohot has been on his mind. One might even say he has become obsessed with speaking his mind on the matter as scene on his Blog:

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