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Jaffe: PSN game sharing is horse dung

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david-jaffe-1PSN game sharing is a feature that does not excite David Jaffe. In fact, just recently, he had some very choice words for PSN’s feature.

As you should know by now, game sharing allows a gamer to download a game purchase on PSN, and then later on share it to up to five other PS3 or PSP systems. This does not sit well with Jaffe at all, who has also released Calling All Cars via PSN.

Making his true feelings for the PSN game sharing public via his Twitter, he said:

@zKAPOWz No, but I thin game sharing on PSN is utter horse shit. Why is it ok to buy a game and give it to 2-5 peeps 4 free? Insane!

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David Jaffe is cool and all but I disagree with his thoughts as a gamer. It is one of the highlights of getting a PS3 and making online transactions and being able to get them again without a big fuss. As a developer however, I guess I can see where he’s coming from. But I’m on my 2nd ps3 and I can proudly I’ve spent over 100 bucks on Psn and if I had to buy all of them over again because my ps3 blew up on me I think that is just cruel. What do you guys have to say about this?


David Jaffe’s Thoughts Of ModNation Racers

He’s the man behind God of War and Twisted Metal. You’ve seen him talk smack against the potential ripoffs of his brainchildren, you’ve seen him judge the PSN reality show, The Tester, but what does David Jaffe have to say about Modnation Racers?
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GOW Collection Trophy list revealed.


You didn’t think they would be easy did you? No, neither did I. The GOW games have never been easy and by the looks of the trophy list, the remake is not going to be any easier either. Fancy your chances of beating GOW1 in under 5 hours? Or beating the Loom Chamber in 2 in 10mins? Heck i couldn’t even do that at all. Full list of trophies after the jump.

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Calling All Cars Servers to be Shut Down


David Jaffe’s first and only title under the “Eat Sleep Play Studio” is going into silence.

Anyone trying to log on will be greeted with this message.

“On January 14, 2010 the servers for Calling All Cars will be taken off-line. We would like to thank ya for yar support.”

I always thought about getting this game but was waiting on a price drop. Ah well.

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