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Battlefield 3 “Above and Beyond the Call” Trailer

DICE has just released this awesome trailer for Battlefield 3, accompanied by the sound of Jay-Z’s 99 Problems. I gotta tell you, there are no problems with this trailer, nor the in-game graphics and the never before seen gameplay footage! The trailer titled “Above and Beyond the Call” is clearly a message to Activision’s number 1 selling shooter series in the last decade, Call of Duty.

Quick reminder, Tomorrow will be the first day in the private beta, so if you own a registered copy of Medal of Honor Tier 1 or Limited Edition, then you should be able to download the beta through the PlayStation Store. Xbox 360 users will receive an invitation along with instruction through the registered email. The open beta will start on September 29th and it will be free for all, so no code, pre-order or purchase required!

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Battlefield 3 [What We Know So Far]

Battlefield 3 is easily one of the most anticipated games this year. It is the direct sequel to the 2005 hit, Battlefield 2, and arguably the eleventh installment in the Battlefield franchise. Developed by the Swedish company Digital Illusions CE (DICE) and published by Electronic Arts, the game will run on the new Frostbyte 2 engine. Frostbyte 2 will offer more destruction, advanced sound, and incredible graphics. A new character animation technology called ANT, used in games such FIFA, will be implemented into the gameplay. ANT will offer a more realistic player movement mechanics; for example, the ability to transition into cover, turn head before body and mount weapons on almost any surface you encounter.

The battlefield series was always known for the huge multiplayer battles, allowing players to pilot a variety of vehicles and engage in team-based combat. Battlefield 3 will offer all of the previous … and more.

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DICE Responds to Battlefield 3 Controversy

Battlefield 3 banner outside E3 2011. Photo by Paulfierce

Here we have it. I have been a firm believer of retailer specific pre-order content since day one. I mean as a company why not? it extends your sales, your revenue, and not only that, it also garners you exclusives that no other retailer has. However there is such a trend now that publishers seem to abuse. The exclusivity of pre-order content per retailer. Looks like gamers are starting to wise up finally and are threatening to protest the Electornic Art’s upcoming Battlefield 3 game.

Followers and gamers were outraged when EA announced that some of the games DLC will only be available specifically to certain retailers as pre-order incentives, and that most of us have to pay for the content. To set aside confusion Karl Magnus Troedsson, general manager of DICE, has posted a letter to gamers that all of the content from the Physical Warfare Pack DLC will be available to everyone for free later this year.

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Prepare to Battle – Onslaught Mode Due To Hit Your Consoles

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 geeks are going to be in for a treat today and tomorrow as DICE release their eagerly awaited Onslaught Mode. The new mode is due to hit the US today (22nd June) with Europe getting a taste of the action tomorrow (23rd June).

With the price of the mode expected to be around $9.99 (US) and 8.99 Euros, I’m sure fans of the franchise will pull out their wallet blindfolded to pay for the expansion pack. The new mode is to be a 4-player co-op mode facing waves of computer controlled enemies. If you think you’re just going to spawn, run around like a lunatic and shoot everything that moves – think again!

The maps which will feature this mode are Valpariso, Atacama Desert, Isla Innocentes and Nelson Bay. This feature is sure to keep you busy for quite some time until the much talked about Vietnam pack hits the BC2 store this Winter.

Soldiers – at ease!

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