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Ghostbusters gets graphical update patch.


Ghostbusters wasn’t exactly well recieved technically on the PS3 due to inferior resolutions and graphical detail. Terminal Reality has at least tried to address these issues although they seem to have fell short. An article on Digital Foundry did some research and reveal the resolution is now 960×540 1024×576 (Thanks Emrah) but that’s still less than the 360 version 720p (1280×720). TR definitely deserve credit for trying to fix the situation its just a shame it doesn’t create an equal parity.


How Wipeout HD manages 1080p at 60FPS.

How did Studio Liverpool manage to make Wipeout HD on the PS3?

We use smoke and mirrors

Ok ok so that’s not actually how it works. Its far more complicated than that. Studio Liverpool were interviewed by Digital Foundry and revealed some interesting facts about how Wipeout HD is made, they also explain why no PS1 era tracks have made it into the title yet too. The full article can be read here but don’t blame me when you get confused by vectors, shadow-mapping and pre-processed PVS Data…



HD era not ready yet?


Mark Rein of Epic Games was interviewed by Eurogamer and dropped this interesting fact;

Over half the users who played Gears of War 2 so far do not have HDTVs.

Ok now i know this is an Xbox game, but its a good indication that PS3 owners are mostly in the same boat and with the size of the install base, that makes millions of gamers are not playing in high def. Digital Foundry has put together an intriguing analysis to compare the performance in game between high and standard definition and revealed some intriguing facts about the PS3, that the standard definitions have some serious issues. SD owners worldwide though should take note of this quote;

A US PS3 owner who buys a cheap game in the UK and takes it back to the US could well find it completely unplayable if he only has an SDTV. Two of the games I tested (GTAIV and Far Cry 2) wouldn’t work, whereas Killzone 2 and Call of Duty: World at War would. Euro PS3 owners buying games from the NTSC territories could be similarly inconvenienced.

To sum up, if you plan on importing games and you own a SD TV then don’t bother as you will encounter some serious performance issues but if you’re fortunate enough to own a HD TV then you should be fine.

But what about the readers here, how many of you own an HDTV?



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