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[PS Vita Review] Why You Should Play Drinkbox’s Severed NOW!


I’ve played video games for as far as I can remember. And ever since I started to work as a game reviewer, you can guess that I have played even more games in the last few years! Some of them are fun bit quickly forgotten, but some are truly memorable. Drinkbox Studio’s latest PlayStation Vita game ‘Severed‘ is one of those gems that I’ll recall for many years to come and, after playing it for review, it has now taken a spot in my personal Top 3 Games on the Vita!

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The New Trailer For Severed Is Here!

Severed - 2

We’re currently playing Severed on PlayStation VITA for review, so as you wait for it’s release on April 26, we figured you’d like to take a look at its new trailer!

The game is being released by the awesome DrinkBox Studios who gave us the marvelous Guacamelee! (a game that I loved when I played it on PS3 and then again on Wii U as the Super Turbo Championship Edition – which Nmac reviewed on PS4 for our sister site

If you liked what you saw, you can start to get ready for the game by checking out the Official Severed Soundtrack over at Bandcamp. The soundtrack is very unique and definitely something you should add to your music collection ASAP!

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Severed Coming To PS Vita In 2016

Severed - 2

DrinkBox Studios – who developed the awesome Guacamelee! – got in touch with us to mention they’re hard at work on getting Severed ready for a Spring 2016 release on PS Vita, and they’ve shared a trailer for the game as well!

What do you think of the video? Let us know in the comments below!

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Guacamelee Announced for Vita/PSN

Brought to us by Drinkbox Studios, the makers of Tales From Space: A Mutant Blob Attacks and Tales From Space: About a Blob, Guacamelee is highly influenced by the Mexican culture and stars an agave farmer named Juan Aguacate. El Presidente’s daughter has been kidnapped and Juan is deeply in love with her. He will travel through “The World of the Living” and “The World of the Dead” to rescue her.

Guacamelee will support co-op multiplayer and several “special features” that will be announced in the future. Gameplay will be shown off at E3 and with as good as the Mutant Blob games were, I’m drinking Drinkbox’s koolaid for this game as well.,


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