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Tomb Raider “Crossroads” Debut Gameplay Trailer

Here’s a gameplay trailer for the Tomb Raider reboot coming March 5th, 2013. I personally loved the older games and can’t wait to play this one!

A young Lara Croft has already proven herself to be a survivor, but one on the cusp of an extraordinary adventure. Caught in the clutches of an enigmatic island, Lara is captured by hostile natives and faced with a traumatic and character-defining decision. On this island, forces beyond her control leave Lara little alternative but to ruthlessly fight for her life.

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Unboxing Deus Ex: Human Revolution Augmented Edition

Alright. We had this fantastic review for Deus Ex: Human Revolution done by our own PR Manager: Oly. After reading the review, I just drove to the store and got me a copy before they ran out! We barely get any new releases here in the Middle East but when we do… they cost a fortune “by our economic standards”. Here is the unboxing video, and keep in mind that EdEN talked me into this, so don’t accept candy from EdEN!

I played through the first mission and thought it was a great. I can’t wait till my kids go to sleep so I can get my daily dose of Deus Ex till the end!

Note: The code I mentioned at the end of the video is actually the Explosive mission pack and the tactical enhancement pack redeeming code.


[Giveaway] Deus Ex: Human Revolution T-Shirt

Here we have another giveaway to go along with Oly’s review of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. This one will be quick, but still has many ways to enter.

Photos of what the Deus Ex: Human Revolution T-Shirt (Large) looks like and how to enter to win it after the jump!

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Hitman: Absolution Officially Announced

I don’t know if you guys remember the Hitman games, but I always found the titles rather fun. Anyway, today, Square Enix and IO Interactive have officially announced the next title in the series, Absolution (of which has been teased/rumored for a little while now). Glad to see this series coming back. Not much is known about the new title, but more of a showing should happen at E3. For now, enjoy the short teaser trailer above. I know I’m excited for this!




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