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Optional PS3 Firmware Update (v3.65) Available

Sony has quietly released a new firmware update for the PS3 last night in version 3.56. This is an optional update, as it only improves the operating stability of some PS3 software (I would say LA Noire) and changes SaveData Utility (minis) to [SaveData Utility(minis/PSP)]. No word on if it did anything other than that.



New Security Fixes in v3.60 Firmware

As you know, the new firmware for the PS3, v3.60, released very early this morning, with the biggest feature being the game save cloud for PlayStation Plus members, but, apparently, that wasn’t the only big change in the firmware.

The hacking community is abuzz now with word that there has been some major security fixes in the update; namely the “metldr” key, the key that made the hacking possible in the first place, (as well as a few other loaders) has been bypassed, and thus, Sony’s console is secure once more, at least, theoretically. How long before this gets hacked, now?

Veering slightly away from the topic at hand, another feature that has been included in the update, according to engadget, is the ability to have your controller shut off at specific intervals of inactivity. I think that could be useful and possibly help save battery life for some people, but it’s definitely not a huge feature.



PS3 FW 3.56

Sony released a mandatory firmware update (v3.56) late on Jan 26, 2011. The official description of the patch is typically coy: “A new PS3 system software update, v3.56, will be released soon. This is a minor update that adds a security patch.” The hacking community so far suggests that the patch blocks certain homebrew applications (but not others, such as many emulators), and it prevents easy firmware downgrading methods. Thus it effectively blocks people with hacked boxes from going online, as this would require updating to the latest firmware. It doesn’t sound like anyone believes that this update will stymie hackers for long.


Firmware 3.55 Has Arrived – Adds Security Patch

SONY has released a new firmware which doesn’t do much according to reports, other than patches a few security holes. However, there may be a few things that may appear overtime in this firmware as we’ve in the past seen hidden features/functionality being slipped in firmware updates. I’ve not yet spotted the firmware update on my actual PS3, however. Here are some links to the firmware itself if you wish to download it to USB and install:

FW v3.55 (US) | FW v3.55 (EU)


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