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I Remember When Video Games Cost A Nickel!

Loyal minions! Gather around because it’s once again FooBear408 story time. I realize it’s been quite some time since I’ve published any articles, but I’ve been working on about four or five articles at the same time – so be ready for a Foo onslaught! Fret not loyal reader, for I have always and shall be – your friend. And remember, you can always get your fill of PS3BLOG’s most popular writer (yours truly) usually every Thursday on the weekly podcast – published by our very single, very disease-free, ¬†Jcmdaddy.

Just recently I visited my local Gamestop and preceded to drop some serious clams on some pre-orders to help lessen the sticker shock of when I actually go to pick them up. Those quality titles include:

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Great offer on pre-orders+ more

Got any old titles laying around and want to get a killer trade in value? Gamestop is offering 40% on all trade ins towards any E3 title. The full trade in amount must be applied towards your pre-order. I have made a killing on these before by trading in enough to pay something off and having extra left over to buy a few other things. If your a member you also get an extra 10% on top of that.

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inFamous 2 for $20 With Game Trade In at Gamestop

With Infamous 2 arriving soon and money being tight, you might want to consider trading in some old titles to get what is sure to be a Triple A title. Gamestop is currently running a deal, where when you trade in 2 select games, you will get $40 towards inFamous 2. Seeing as the $40 is trade-in-value, there is no tax, meaning you own Infamous 2 for $20 cash. Take a look at the list below.


Gamestop Dad’s and Grads Sale

$20 off Select EA Titles. Games include Crysis 2, Dragon Age 2, Fight night 4, Need for speed Hot Pursuit and many more. Portal 2 and Bulletstorm look enticing at that price. The full list can be found Here.


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