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Free DLC for Wheels of Destruction will arrive soon!

Gelid Games has been hard at work on DLC for Wheels of Destruction, a game I had a chance to review a month ago (to the day!). What type of DLC are we getting? The free kind! That’s right, Moscovian Mayhem is the name of the new content, and $0 is the price to pay! We will get a new level, tweaks to the game and the online side of things to make matchmaking even faster!

We will let you know the exact release date as soon as we find out. While you wait, be sure to read my Wheels of Destruction Review.

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[PSN Review] Wheels of Destruction – World Tour

In a lawless, post-apocalyptic world, Wheels of Destruction: World Tour pits you in a kill- or-be-killed competition of extreme four-wheel wreckage. This arcade-style, third-person multiplayer shooter features team death matches, free-for-alls, and capture-the-flag frenzies.

You’ll battle to crush opponents, slaying everything in your path of relentless devastation, both online and off.

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