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Thank you everyone who entered this giveaway and I hope we get a chance to give away more items such as this in the future.

The winner for this giveaway was chosen at random and the winner is none other than….


Congratulations. I’ve sent a message to you already with some information.

Everyone, please visit and like EH Chainmaille Designs for other designs of chainmaille gear as well as paracord gear.

Thanks again to all who have participated.


Giveaway – Inspired Chainmaille Bracelet Inspired Chainmaille Bracelet

Today, I would like to announce one of our rare but pretty cool non-gaming related giveaways. This will be a super easy giveaway to enter as all you need to do is leave a specific comment below.

This is a inspired chainmaille bracelet. The colors hidden in this byzantine design match that of our logo that we have been carrying for some time now. Chainmaille cafting is something I’ve been into on the side for some time now off and on so I decided to craft this particular bracelet and offer it as a giveaway for our site! Full size photo after the jump.

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