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[Giveaway] RAGE and 600 Point Winner

October 2, 2012 | | 25 Comments

Well, as of this writing, Gophermods has finally reached 650 likes. That means we will be giving away a game this time around. But first, let me announce the winner of the 600 point giveaway. Congratulations to tedrabear! I will be awarding those points soon.

Now, as for the promised game giveaway? The game the winner will be receiving is id Software’s ‘RAGE’. Oly reviewed this a while back (in November of 2011), giving it a 93/100. The high points he listed were that it had amazing graphics, excellent voice work, tons of action, and a fun co-op experience.

Remember, this is part of the Gophermods giveaway, but we’re keeping this one separate from the points giveaways, so it will run for about a week, with all entries open.

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Winner Of The Gophermods PlayStation Move Giveaway!

May 1, 2012 | | 11 Comments

We had a record breaking 542 entries in this giveaway! Thank you to all that entered. I picked a member at random and the winner is rogxue! Congratulations and keep earning those points everyone. We have many more giveaways coming … Read More

Last Day To Enter The Gophermods PlayStation Move Giveaway

April 29, 2012 | | 3 Comments

You have a little over 1 day left to get all your entries in for this great giveaway courtesy of Gophermods. This is the biggest entry count we have on record. I’m going to allow for one more ticket … Read More

Get Bonus Entries Into The Gophermods PlayStation Move Giveaway!

April 22, 2012 | | 14 Comments

I’ve added a new feature today where you can answer trivia questions and get bonus entries into giveaways. So even if you’ve maxed out your entries, here is your chance to get 3 more entries and improve your odds … Read More

[Giveaway] Win a PlayStation Move Bundle Thanks To Gophermods!

April 13, 2012 | | 27 Comments

First off be sure to read the Gophermods RSX reballing service review by Jay. If you ever need your PS3 repaired, I highly recommend these guys over shipping your PS3 to Sony to repair it.

We have this big giveaway courtesy of Gophermods! There will be 1 winner and they have the choice between the Deadmund’s Quest/Sports Champions PS Move Bundle or the LittleBigPlanet 2 Special Edition PS Move Bundle! If you’ve forgot, the upcoming PlayStation Move game Sorcery is coming out late May 2012. So if you don’t have a Move controller or just want another, here your chance to win one. This will be a global giveaway as well. Entry details after the jump.

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[Service Review] Gophermods RSX Reballing – 1 Year Later

April 11, 2012 | | 6 Comments

It all started on Christmas day of 2010. While most families were enjoying the holiday(s), I decided I would go and play a game on my PS3. Sure, I didn’t get anything new that day, but Gran Turismo 5 was calling my name, and I had to get ready for a tournament we were going to hold the following day.

Well, upon hitting the power button, the worst case scenario had happened. I received the tone of death, followed by that dreaded flashing yellow light. Keep in mind, I was way out of warranty by this point, as I own an original 60GB model (but I had upgraded to a 500GB hard drive by the time this happened) and had it for a few years already.

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