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[Giveaway] Win a PlayStation Move Bundle Thanks To Gophermods!

First off be sure to read the Gophermods RSX reballing service review by Jay. If you ever need your PS3 repaired, I highly recommend these guys over shipping your PS3 to Sony to repair it.

We have this big giveaway courtesy of Gophermods! There will be 1 winner and they have the choice between the Deadmund’s Quest/Sports Champions PS Move Bundle or the LittleBigPlanet 2 Special Edition PS Move Bundle! If you’ve forgot, the upcoming PlayStation Move game Sorcery is coming out late May 2012. So if you don’t have a Move controller or just want another, here your chance to win one. This will be a global giveaway as well. Entry details after the jump.

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[Service Review] Gophermods RSX Reballing – 1 Year Later

It all started on Christmas day of 2010. While most families were enjoying the holiday(s), I decided I would go and play a game on my PS3. Sure, I didn’t get anything new that day, but Gran Turismo 5 was calling my name, and I had to get ready for a tournament we were going to hold the following day.

Well, upon hitting the power button, the worst case scenario had happened. I received the tone of death, followed by that dreaded flashing yellow light. Keep in mind, I was way out of warranty by this point, as I own an original 60GB model (but I had upgraded to a 500GB hard drive by the time this happened) and had it for a few years already.

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