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[Giveaway] Atomic Ninjas

Ceidz and I got a chance to review Atomic Ninjas, a fun game you can either enjoy in short burst or during longer periods of time and it will keep you coming back for more. Grip Games has provided us with THREE Cross-buy codes for Atomic Ninjas (That is, one code will unlock both the PS3 AND Vita versions for the game), and now you can try and win one!

Also, for those of you who are also PC gamers (or who know someone who does), Atomic Ninjas is currently going through the Steam Greenlight process, and you can vote for it here.

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[PS3/Vita Double Review] Atomic Ninjas

The most entertaining multiplayer action platform game of the year has just arrived! Enter the arena as one of the eight Atomic Ninjas and battle it out against other players and bots, online or locally! Outsmart and outflank other players, upgrade your Super Abilities and use crazy ninja weapons and gadgets. Only the most malicious players win!

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Grip Games Set To Release Atomic Ninjas on PS3 and Vita

Grip Games is working on Atomic Ninjas as an exclusive PSN release for both PS3 and Vita. You might remember Grip Games from our reviews for Mini Squadron, Blimp: The Flying Adventures, The Impossible Game or One Epic Game, and now they’re ready to bring Atomic Ninjas to PS3 and Vita. The PS3 version is set for a Summer release and the Vita version will be released in the fall.

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FOOSBALL 2012: A focus on Game Modes and Multilpayer

New Developer Diary is up for Foosball 2012. Take a look!
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