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[PS Vita Review] Killzone: Mercenary

If you’ve been waiting for a reason to finally dust off your PlayStation Vita. Well you better get to it because Killzone: Mercenary is here. Developed Guerrilla Games Cambridge, Mercenary delivers what it promises to the devoted Sony handheld gamers and some. If the opening title animation doesn’t capture your attention, then the stylized briefing animations will. That’s just the surface, I haven’t even started writing about the contents of the game itself. Starting a new game prompts you to “scan your fingerprint” to proceed. I mean yes, it’s not really scanning your fingerprint however that single action alone immediately submerges you in to the story of the game. You’re an ISA merc partnered up with Ivanoff. Another merc who seems to resemble Los Angeles Dodgers closing pitcher Brian Wilson. From there you’re instantly briefed of the current situation and the current objective. The action doesn’t stop there as Mercenary tops at around 5 hours of single player campaign with various difficulty settings and various missions to replay just in case you miss a couple of intel pieces.

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Killzone Mercenary Gets A Release date

Killzone is looking stunning for a portable release. The latest info posted on the official Playstation blog has an official release date of September 17th 2013! The juicy information released has the game sitting at 9 single player missions clocking each in at nearly an hour in terms of length. Completed mission will warrant a replay with the addition of replay challenges that sport special objectives to tackle. Hour long missions sound great for a handheld. Three different game types across six maps for eight players in the full fledged Multi-player mode is also a sweet addition to what already appears to be a stellar title. The following screens were also released to wet your appetite.

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Killzone Trilogy Announced For October

A Killzone trilogy will be heading to stores on October 24th. Proud Heghasts and ISA enthusiasts will get a chance to replay all three games and every single DLC released for Killzone 2&3, making this a must have for all fans of the series.

The original Killzone is remastered in full HD and now has full trophy support. Killzone 2&3 will include all map packs previously released, that’s a total of 6 map packs for you multiplayer maniacs.

Check out the trailer after the jump.

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Killzone 3 Multiplayer FREE Download Next Week

If you had a chance to listen to the official PlayStation Blogcast this week, (How would you? You should be listening to our blogcast!), then you already know about Sony’s plan to release Killzone 3 multiplayer as a standalone free download on PSN next week.

The multiplayer trial will be free for all PSN users but limited by a level cap. You will be required to purchase the full experience to unlock the skill tree and the full multiplayer mode (think Homefront demo). The full multiplayer experience will cost you $14.99 with no plans of releasing the single player campaign separately.

On other News, Guerrilla Games co-founder and technical director Arjan Brussee will be leaving the company to join Dead Space developer. Visceral Games, working on a new unannounced “Exciting” IP.


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