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Killzone 3 Patch 1.12

The guys at Guerrilla Games are releasing yet another fine patch for the PS3 exclusive shooter Killzone 3. The patch will hit PSN on Tuesday, September 6th and will address some community requested changes. For more info on the Patch visit this link.

Here is the full list of changes included with patch 1.12:

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Killzone 3 Launch Trailer + Message From Hermen Hulst

Pumped for Killzone 3? This should send you over the edge. I already have mine waiting at home. Can’t wait to get home and tear it open. Check out this message from Hermen Hulst the Managing Director at Guerrilla Games.

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Killzone 3 Review

The British Space Nazis are coming! But don’t worry, Sev and Rico are on hand to quell their invasion by ignoring orders, shooting a lot and using a variety of vehicles to well shoot a lot more. It may aspire to be like a gritty war movie but it actually shares more in common with a classic buddy flick. Sev and Rico are like a videogame equivalent of Tango & Cash, Riggs & Murtaugh or even Neal & Del from Planes, Trains & Automobiles as they journey across Helghan via, Tanks, Exoskeletons, Infiltrators and whatever else they can get their hands on. Heck they even scream in unison whenever they crash each said vehicle… which is pretty much every time they get in one. I kept expecting one of them to quip “I’m getting too old for this sh*t”! Thankfully they are not but is Killzone 3 in the zone or a helghastly abomination of a videogame that ought to be killed? 

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Killzone 3, Open Multiplayer Beta February 2nd

Seems like everything is just heating up, tons of great games and content coming out for the PS3 and it doesn’t seem like SONY is slowing down one bit. On Wednesday February 2nd the Killzone 3 Open Multiplayer Beta is going to hit the PSN. It will run from the 2nd to the 14th, which should give all North American PS3 users that little Killzone fix. It seems like it took forever for this game to come out, but if you look at it now, we only need to wait another 30. Besides the beta being available to all NA PS3 users it’s great that they are giving us a little extra from the Closed Beta. Players will have a chance to check out the game in full glory leading up to the release with support in using the PlayStation Move and stereoscopic 3D.

Hit the jump to find out about the 4 modes that you will have access to and the video:

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