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[Giveaway] FUEL: Overdose

We were given a copy of FUEL: Overdose for review and an extra copy just for a giveaway, so that someone else can share in on the Stockholm Syndrome experience I’ve enjoyed the past week. A challenging, hectic and rewarding game. There will be 2 free DLC packs coming in the next month or so, which should make things easier. This game is addictive and will keep you coming back for more, even though it’s devilishly hard. The game does has it’s quirks but, if you give it a chance and get past the initial barriers, you’ll be rewarded.

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[PS3 Review] FUEL: Overdose

FUEL: Overdose PS3 Review

If Demon souls and twisted metal had a baby while playing micro machines, the result would be FUEL: Overdose, Stockholm Syndrome is back.

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