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PlayStation Blog’s Jeff Rubenstein Fights by way of Mortal Kombat

It’s rare to see actual PlayStation staff or developers play games. It’s even more rare to see them play against gamers online unless it’s some kind of a presentation or you happen to be the select random few they accept as a friend and get added to their friends list.

Well, Jeff Rubenstein is the Social Media Manager for Sony Computer Entertainment America. His role at SCEA includes running the North American PlayStation Blog website. He was caught playing Mortal Kombat online and did a pretty decent job playing. I’m no Mortal Kombat expert, but his gameplay reminds me of Sentinel mouth lasers and Sentinel drones if you know what I mean. Watch the video below.

One more video after the break.

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Kazuo Hirai on the NGP

The Official Blog‘s Jeff Rubenstein had interviewed the man about the upcoming handheld, and touched on subjects including developer and publisher collaboration, and ensuring that the console has a long lifespan as well. Can’t wait to get my hands on one of these.

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LittleBigPlanet 2 Will Set 5 Guinness World Records Live in NYC

The official PS3blog announced yesterday, that starting January 17th, and going through January 19th, “a small group of LBP fans will take over the PlayStation Lounge at the Sony Style store in New York City to set new gaming records and earn their place in history.”

The event will be hosted by Veronica Belmont from Qore and Jeff Rubenstein, and will be shown via live stream on the official PlayStation.Blog. They will be interviewing people, as well as giving us “behind-the-scenes access with Media Molecule.” Fans watching will be able to suggest games to play next as well as send in questions via Tweet.
They also invited anyone to stop by and check them out at:
PlayStation Lounge at the Sony Style store
550 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10022
The Guinness World Records to be set include:
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Playstation Move Unboxing!

Can’t wait for the MOVE to come out? Need as much info or footage of the MOVE as possible? Well here is something that hopefully carries you over. Jeff Rubenstein and Sid Shuman are here to save the day. A video was just posted of the MOVE unboxing by the both of them with a little information on what you can expect to come with it and the price points. This isn’t really anything new but it’s just nice to see them ramp up the coverage as we count down to the 17th or 19th depending on where you live.

On a side note, anyone else like what SONY has done with their video rep introduction?

Source [Official PS3 Blog]



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