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The Rivalry Continues: Kevin Butler vs Joe Mauer

The Kevin Butler ads are still going strong. This new one pits Kevin Butler with Joe Mauer again, but this time, they’re playing a friendly game of MLB 11: The Show. It looks like Kevin Butler’s cockiness got the best of him this time. Well played, Mauer.


Kevin Butler Does LittleBigPlanet 2

For a second, I thought that we weren’t going to get a KB ad for LBP2, but I suppose I was wrong (it would have been weird if he didn’t have one anyway). Personally, I have seen better, but it was still pretty good. Who’s going to be picking up the game next week when it launches?


Poll Results and New Poll

[tab:Poll Results]

No surprise here, but Uncharted did take the win. What was surprising was the sheer number of votes it got in comparison to the rest of the selection (including big name first party titles like LBP2, inFamous 2, and Killzone 3).

Now for a few queries regarding some of the choices. Are there seriously 6 people who aren’t anticipating anything? Spider-Man 3? And who the heck put Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword on there? 😆

Also, I know the graph is rather huge, but I had to size it so the winners were easily legible.
[tab:New Poll]
With 3D becoming more and more popular, and with the lack of any really good poll ideas, I decided to ask whether or not you folks will be picking up a 3D TV this year. I added a couple situation-based answers to the standard yes and no as well.



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Poll Results and New Poll: Most Anticipated Title of 2011?

[tab:Poll Results]

The active poll from the past couple weeks was to see what people thought was the best Kevin Butler ad. The poll included every single one, and only one didn’t get a vote (VP, Virtual Pet Relations).

The overwhelming winner was, of course, the Gran Turismo 5 ad, where KB’s position was the Vice President of Add More Awesome. 2nd place was still at less than half of that one. Given the sheer number of options to choose from (this was probably our largest poll in terms of number of choices), that was quite a feat and shows that the ads are consistently becoming more popular.

[tab:New Poll: Most Anticipated Title of 2011]

Alright, this new poll was from Baba0Booey, though, suggested in the chat, but he will still get the 200 points for the idea. Don’t forget, if there is something you don’t see on the list, be sure to read Eddie’s article about the games coming in 2011 to give you more ideas, as the poll allows you to add your own answers!



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