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PlayStation 3: It Only Does Miracles!

WOW, we got a twofer today! First, we hear a little about how the PlayStation 3 is the machine for everything and second we hear how it’s great for the entire family. How it brings families together and how fake TV families smell nice. These commercials are going to start airing tomorrow, seems like SONY is pouring it on this Holiday Season!

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Kevin Butler Does Racing!

Where would we be if it wasn’t for KB? I’ll tell you where! We would be at only 500 cars in Gran Turismo 5 and unrealistic damage. This guy, well he’s what every gamer needs!



Canada, Kevin Butler Loves You

Today the VP of everything has decided to deliver a special message to the people up north, no not to Santa and the Elves. I’m talking about the people of Canada. It seems that the system that “Does Everything” is doing everything for Canada as well, starting today you can get on the PlayStation Network and download thousands of your favorite TV Shows, Movies, and even some commercials.

See, and you people said Canada never gets anything!



New Kevin Butler Ad Shows Off Tiger Woods and Vuvuzellas

Here’s a new KB ad that features the Maguire family and Tiger Woods 11. What’s really out of the ordinary is that this is, to my knowledge, the first “It Only Does Everything” ad to feature a third party title as the main subject material. I was actually expecting a Gran Turismo 5 ad to be the next one on the list. This one is still funny, though.


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