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[Review Rewind] Half-Minute Hero (PSP/Vita)


Half-Minute Hero is an interesting mix of an RPG, a shoot ’em up, an action game and a real-time strategy game all rolled into a single release. Oh, and you only have 30 seconds to play each one!

Okay, I hear you: “Why would I play a game that is only 30 seconds long?” The thing is, there is a LOT to do in each of the game’s modes, thus keeping things fresh. This game is, hands down, the best game I played on my PSP (and it is also fully compatible with the Vita)!

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New Details On Playstation Vita’s Soul Sacrifice

A recent teaser trailer was released a couple days ago which you can see here and there is a small conference going to be held on this game soon in Japan, but until then, we have some new details to share.

-Game based around a book in its central story call The Demon Book
-Main character was raised by cruel sorcerer
-Player enters the book to fight monsters
-Gameplay will have a customization component which changes how your character looks depending on how you play.
-Monsters are old humans who lost their way. Make a mistake and your character will become monster-like.
-Magic is based on sacrificing body parts for Magical attacks i.e. cutting your fingers off, ripping your spine out, gouging out your eyes each resulting in a special attack.
-Game supports 1-4 players (not sure in what fashion yet) and you can sacrifice other players.
-Keiji Inafune is the planning and development lead
-Marvelous AQL is where development is taking place
-Music done by Yasunori Mitsuda and Watru Hokoyama
-Produced by Kentaro Motomura and Teruyuki Toriyama
-Winter release as the game is 50% complete


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