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[Halloween Review Revisited] Costume Quest 2, a good lighthearted RPG


In Costume Quest 2, your objective is to save Halloween from an evil dentist who has gone back in time to destroy it! Through the adventure, you’ll travel to different eras of the same region and will beat monsters in a lighthearted RPG adventure.

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[PS3 Halloween RPG Review] Costume Quest 2

Costume Quest 2 is an RPG that relates the story of Wren and Reynold (the same main characters as in the original Costume Quest) who are on a quest through time to save Halloween. An evil dentist (!) managed to get control of an item that allows time travel and by going back to the past, he managed to ban Halloween. In the altered future that followed, costumes and candies are forbidden, which is why our heroes will make sure that Halloween is restored!

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Blood of the Werewolf – Coming soon from Midnight City

Blood of the Werewolf will be released in Q2 2014 by Midnight City, the indie subsidiary of Majesco Entertainment. This is an old-school platformer that is being improved over it’s original PC release with an Endless Challenge mode, Master Challenges and a Score Rush mode that will test your skills to the fullest!

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