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Soul Calibur V Collectors Edition and Pre-Order Bonus

What a week it was for Soul Calibur Fans. First, we had FooBear’s Live Blog coverage from the Soul Calibur V Event in San Francisco, then Sakinah confirmed Ezio as a playable guest character. Here is the first picture of Soul Calibur V Collectors Edition available Jan 31st and Feb 3rd, 2012 in North America and Europe respectively.
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It’s Official, Assassin’s Creed Star Ezio Is The Soul Calibur V Guest Character

Namco has confirmed that Assassin’s Creed 2 protagonist, Ezio Auditore, will be included in Soul Calibur V as a special guest character. Unlike in the past where guest characters in the weapon based fighter would be exclusive to certain systems, Ezio will be available to unlock on both the PS3 and 360.

See Ubisoft’s famous assassin in action in the following trailer:

Along with the announcement Namco also revealed that SC V will be launching in North America on January 31st and on February 3rd in Europe. A Collector’s Edition of the game will include an art book, ‘Making of’ DVD, original soundtrack plus a DLC card which unlocks the Black Knight and Paladin armour sets.


Soul Calibur V Event – Live Blog This Monday!

Greetings loyal minions!

Once again it’s time to huddle around your computer monitors warming glow and bear witness to another top notch live blog for Soul Calibur V!

Coming this Monday starting at 2pm PST, follow your lil’ old pal FooBear408 as he ventures forth into the foggy city of San Francisco. Always trying to come up with new and exciting ways to keep the “Foo Army” entertained – I’m going to introduce a little segment I call “FooBear Keeps It Real”. Armed with my trusty cameraman, I’ll be hitting the streets of fog city and get random gamers takes on the upcoming schedule of big games releasing and other topics – posted right to the live twitter feed via my iPhone 4!

You’re probably thinking – “genius!” – right?

You’d be right, because it hasn’t been done before on any live blog before I’ve done. On top of the usual interviews from developers and production gurus for the game, I’ll be able to get keen insight for any fans of the Soul Calibur series. You’ll pay for the whole live blog seat – but you’re only going to need the edge!

Our fearless leader Tosh will activate the blog at 2pm PST and make sure you subscribe, that way you’ll be privy to all the insider game info that I can squeeze out of this little gaming nugget. I’ve got other aces up my sleeve as far as prizes given during only the live blog – so this one is not to be missed!

Crossing fingers for a return of my homie Darth Vader and everyone’s favorite green guy – Yoda! See you Monday, true believers!

[Update: Live blog is over..]


TGS 2011: Ace Combat: Assault Horizon ‘Online Assault’ Trailer

At Tokyo Game Show this year, the guys behind the Ace Combat games have released a new trailer for Assault Horizon, featuring some multiplayer combat, as well as a few customization options, including the ability to change the color of your aircraft (like that ridiculous purple fighter in the trailer).

This game will be a hell of a lot of fun for our game nights.