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UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Multiplayer is going Free-to-Play Today

UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Multiplayer will be Free-to-Play starting today on the PSN. There will be an initial level cap of 15, but you will be able to purchase further level unlocks if you want to continue leveling up. You can also purchase the co-op missions.

As a bonus to long time players, will be rewarded with a “custom Naughty Dog Paw on your rank icon and you’ll receive the Naughty Dog Paw shirt for your custom characters.”

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Uncharted 3’s First Birthday

UNCHARTED 3 IS TURNING 1!!!!!!!! Damn that feels like a quick year to me. Not a massive fan of the 3rd Uncharted myself, though I am one of very few people that thought this would be worth mentioning.

To celebrate Uncharted 3’s first birthday, the Official PlayStation Blog has teamed up with Sideshow collectibles to do a giveaway. One lucky winner, and I mean lucky, will win a Nathan Drake Premium Format Statue produced by Sideshow Collectibles that will not be available for pre-order until January 2013. Runner ups will win Uncharted 3 Collector’s Edition. According to the PlayStation Blog, the giveaway goes live on November 7th 2013 and will run for a month until December 7th 2013, which I can only assume they mean 2012.

Also everyone that participates in the giveaway will get an exclusive first look at an Uncharted project that Sideshow Collectibles have been working on. The giveaway is international, so everyone can enter for a chance to win. For full details go to PlayStation Blog



The Last of Us E3 Extended Demo

Naughty Dog released an E3 extended demo from their upcoming survival adventure, The Last of US. The demo was shown to the press behind closed doors at E3 and featured 15 minutes of stunning gameplay footage of Joel and Ellie as they make their way out of a military quarantine zone.



The Last of Us – 2012 Gamescom Trailer

Set to “Alone and Forsaken” by Hank Williams, Sr., this new ‘The Last of Us’ trailer “mixes previously seen content along with some brand new cinematic and gameplay footage, to provide more detail of the beautiful environments and dangerous opposition Joel and Ellie will face on their journey across the United States.”


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