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[Vita Review] Orgarhythm

orgarhythm ps vita review

Orgarhythm is essentially a battle of brothers or of light and dark Gods. You must rise up against your brother with your rhythm yielding legion of warriors using music and beats as your commands.

As part rhythm game, part strategy and part RTS, Orgarythm sounds like the ultimate clash of genres but this is only in theory and not execution.

The very first level has the best music that I’ve experienced in the entire game thus far. When the march of death starts, you have to tap one of three commands with the beat and button glow the best you can to get a good timing rating. There are three sets of commands you must choose and get them all perfect or your warriors will actually level down.

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New Vita Game Announced From Neilo “Orgarhythm” (Updated)

via Andriasang, former famous Sega developer, Tak Hirai (Shenmue, Channel 5, Meteos) has announced his new company that was formed last year, will be releasing its first title for the Playstation Vita called “Orgarhythm”.

“Orgarhythm” is actually a new type of game that blends strategy and music. Sinobi, who is known to release Famitsu information early, has said that Hirai explained that is rare today to see a game that is difficult to understand. This game will be very different. It is also said that this game will have cooperate and competitive multiplayer play.

No more information has been giving so we just have to wait and see.


There are two main elements to the game: strategy and rhythm. Gamers play as a god and kill the enemies with timed commands.

It begins with just bass sounds, music and more strands are superimposed. This increases the difficulty. There are over 100 skill levels in the game.



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