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Full Mojo Rampage Coming This Spring From Nicalis

Full Mojo Rampage

Nicalis got in touch with us to mention that they’ll be releasing Full Mojo Rampage on PS4 this spring! This roguelike action RPG will have plenty of content for you and your friends (for up to 4 player co-op), as well as new content and some rebalancing here and there to improve the overall experience. There’s plenty to like about Full Mojo Rampage, as you can see from the list below!


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Pre-Orders open for The Binding of Issac Rebirth Soundtrack

Binding of Issac Soundtrack

With The Binding of Issac Rebirth set to release on PS4 and Vita on November 14, Nicalis has let us know that the Sountrack for the game can now be pre-ordered at this link.

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[PS3 Review] 1001 Spikes

1001 Spikes is the latest game from Nicalis and 8bit Fanatics. In 1001 Spikes, your goal is simply to get a key and reach the end of each level that is given to you. The premise might sound easy, but the game is quite hard, and reaching the door of each level will sometimes prove to be harder than it seems!

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