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[Beyond PlayStation] The Legend of Kusakari Review

The Legend of Kusakari Review

In The Legend of Kusakari, you control a young but brave grass cutter who goes out and cuts grass in the middle of heated battlefields. Remember how in The Legend of Zelda games you’re cutting grass every now and then to find items? Well, imagine a game where all you do is cut grass so that the warriors have an easier location on which to fight. Read our The Legend of Kusakari review to learn more about this quirky game!

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[PS Vita] Blast ‘Em Bunnies Review

Blast Em Bunnies Review

Blast ‘Em Bunnies is a very colorful and fast-paced release with cute characters and a cartoony art style that reminded me a bit of the Rayman Raving Rabbids games. Come check out our Blast ‘Em Bunnies review to see if this is the type of game for you!

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[Giveaway] escapeVektor

Win PSN Game escapeVektor

Oly did a review for escapeVektor on Vita, a fun and extremely addicting from developer Nnooo, who have been kind enough to provide us with 5 Vita codes so that you can have a chance at winning a free copy of the game! You know the drill by now, so get started! Giveaway will end on March 30th.

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[PS Vita Review] escapeVektor

The PS Vita game, escapeVektor, doesn’t seem to have a lot of substance at first glance, but I decided to look a little further.

When you start, you have an arrow you move around on some lines. This arrow is Vektor, a sentient computer program that is trying to escape from the evil CPU inside your PS Vita.

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