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Battlefield 3 Gets 12 Hour Single Player

Speaking in an interview with (via Eurogamer), the firms General Manager, Karl Troedsson, said that they want to include a single player campaign in the multiplayer-only series to attract new players in the game.
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Game Night Recap – 3/24 edition

Well, alright! We had another successful Uncharted 2 game night this week! We had a total of 10 people over the course of the night, 9 from the site and 1 of my friends, who tagged along for a short while. Participants included Dean, Kennyg, Jason, Tosh, Sakinah, Ace, Geezus, Kane and myself. You all get 50 points for attending. Belmor had showed up, but seemed to have some connection issues.

We started on time and ended up going for 3 hours total, with people slowly dropping over those hours, of course. However, it was all good and fun!

Rockets returned in the beginning, and with 9 people this time around (our tenth didn’t show until after my friend left) it was even more hectic. Ace pointed out how he hated the silence during the matches, then there was the sudden whistle and follow up explosion out of nowhere!

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Uncharted 2 Game Night 3/24/11


It’s almost that time again! Thursday is fast approaching and it seems that I’ll be hosting another game night! With the reception we got from last weeks, along with the people who were disappointed that they missed it, I’ve decided to do another Uncharted 2 game night.

So join the gang this Thursday March 24th at 5:30pm PDT. Just add me to your PSN friendlist (my ID is Jcmdaddy). I have most of you already from last time. We had a lot of fun, but we had a few open slots, so fill them up!

Also, let us know if there are days that work better for others; I’d be more than happy to host twice a week if we had people who have different days that work best for them!



Uncharted 2 Game Night – 3/17/11

Good day fellow gamers! Tosh won’t be able to host a game night this week, so I’ve been handed the torch. Though I didn’t want to host another Killzone 3 game, even though it is fun, I want to change it up a bit with Uncharted 2!

So take a trip to 2009 with me this Thursday at 5:30pm Pacific Time, and we’ll have some fun. I’m hoping we get enough for a private match, and then I’m going to go through the footage and make a highlight reel of all our kills.

Add me on the PSN, my ID is Jcmdaddy (no wai!) just put that you’re from Hope to see you all there!



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