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The Weekly Recap – Double Time (April 10th-23rd)

April 28, 2011 | | One Comment [tab:Recap]

Man it has been a busy 2 and a half weeks for me. With that said, I was almost 3 weeks late with this recap, and I apologize for the wait. I know Oly wanted me to get … Read More

The Weekly Recap (April 3rd-9th)

April 14, 2011 | | 2 Comments [tab:Recap]

Old habits die hard, right? I didn’t mean for this one to be late, but I’ve been all over the place trying to get things taken care of and haven’t really had the time to work on this.

Read More

The Weekly Recap (March 27th-April 2nd)

April 3, 2011 | | 9 Comments [tab:Recap]

Got this one in relatively on time. Last week…what a week. First of all, my April Fools post. It ended up being very controversial, and I am sorry if that offended anyone, as that wasn’t the intention. The … Read More

The Weekly Recap (March 20th-26th)

March 27, 2011 | | 3 Comments [tab:Recap]

First of all, yes, I got this done in time for a change. I also dropped the “Poll Results” tab, as I already posted those yesterday/Friday on the last recap (which was almost a week late). I still … Read More

The Weekly Recap (March 13th-19th)

March 25, 2011 | | One Comment [tab:Recap]

Yep, another late one. I’m still trying to find time to do things, but between dealing with back pain and stressing out over other things, the days seem to go by in a flash. I’ve been spending most … Read More

The Weekly Recap (March 6th-12th)

March 18, 2011 | | One Comment [tab:Recap]

Yeah, I wound up being late again. It was a pretty hectic week for me, as I was busy editing video and the like for the site, and given slow upload speeds and slow rendering times for the … Read More

The Weekly Recap (February 27th-March 5th)

March 6, 2011 | | 3 Comments [tab:Recap]

It was a relatively slow week. We do have a few reviews you can check out, even one that includes a giveaway for the game that was reviews (Paper Wars). Normally, during the Game Developers Conference, we would … Read More

The Weekly Recap (February 20th-26th)

March 3, 2011 | | 7 Comments [tab:Recap]

Sorry for being late on this one. Still have a bit of back pain going on, so I haven’t been able to sit and work on this. Anyway, last week wasn’t too active, but we still had a … Read More