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The Weekly Recap (February 13th-19th)

February 21, 2011 | | 8 Comments [tab:Recap]

I would have had this up Saturday if my back wasn’t hurting so bad. I am enduring the pain as I write this recap this week, all for you guys :P. Anyway, I was gone part of the … Read More

The Weekly Recap (February 6th-12th)

February 13, 2011 | | 4 Comments [tab:Recap]

Who would have thought that we’d get some insane activity this week? Beastxjason’s Battlefield 3 image post received over 600 likes, and Blackstaffer’s rant on Killzone 3 received 88 comments, most of which happened on the day the … Read More

The Weekly Recap (January 30th-February 5th)

February 6, 2011 | | 5 Comments [tab:Recap]

Another big week. We had a few reviews to read, if you want to check out those. We also got a couple new Blog team members, and there are a bunch of videos to check out. FooBear went … Read More

The Weekly Recap (January 23rd-29th)

January 30, 2011 | | 4 Comments [tab:Recap]

Another week and another Recap. This is 3 weeks in a row this has been on time! I love how everything is easier for me to compile for the week now haha. Anyway, this was a busy week. … Read More

The Weekly Recap (January 16th-22nd)

January 22, 2011 | | 7 Comments

[tab:Recap] A really busy week this week. 31 main articles in all! I thought for sure Oly would take this week’s Contributor of the Week, but Eddie squeezed by with the win. Even the QuickNews section was crazy busy.

Read More

The Weekly Recap Extreme (December 19th-January 15th)

January 19, 2011 | | 6 Comments [tab:Update]

Due to an overall lack of interest in the recaps, I have decided to change it up a little bit. Some of the changes will be reflected here, but thanks to Tosh, the Recap process will be a … Read More

Poll Results and New Poll

January 8, 2011 | | 12 Comments [tab:Poll Results]

No surprise here, but Uncharted did take the win. What was surprising was the sheer number of votes it got in comparison to the rest of the selection (including big name first party titles like LBP2, inFamous 2, … Read More

The Weekly Recap (Super Recap Edition, Nov. 21st-Dec. 18th)

December 19, 2010 | | 4 Comments [tab:What’s Up?]

So this past month has been pretty hectic for me, and thus, my overall activity on the site has died down quite a bit and I haven’t found the time to work on the recaps. So, with … Read More