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Winner of the Alien Zombie Mega Death Giveaway!

Thank you to all that entered. The winner chosen at random was mowmow! Again please make sure to read EdEN’s review on the game. We have more giveaways coming! So keep earning those points. Double points are active for the rest of July as well!

[Update: Had another extra code, so I picked another at random and isegrim won!]


Alien Zombie Mega Death Review + Giveaway!

Presented to us by Pom Pom Games (who’ve also given us Astro Tripper on PSN) and you’d better take a look at all that this game features!

* Available on PS3 via the Playstation Store
* Intense shoot em up action
* Both survival and one shot adventure levels
* Multiplayer Co-op gameplay
* 20 Zombie types to contend with
* 70 levels to pillage or die on
* Bonus UFOs and Score pickups
* Powerups
* Medals awarded for achievements
* Unlockable space suits
* Decoy pods & Jet Packs
* Bomb defuse tasks
* Baby rescue tasks
* Surely that’s enough?

This isn’t just a minis game with trophy support. Here’s the original minis release in all it’s small, quirky and fun glory:

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