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Has the New Super Slim PS3 Leaked?

Rumors and such have been spreading for some time now about a super slim PS3 model potentially launching in the near future. This isn’t exactly something new as there have been multiple versions of past Playstations as well.

Through FCC leaks and picture taken, it looks that it is indeed true that there will be a new model Playstation 3. It is smaller on all fronts and even sports a nifty top loading feature that you can see below.
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PS3 Slim Goes On a Diet

Sony’s updates don’t just beef up the PS3’s firmware. They release some small tweaks and updates to the hardware itself, too. Sony sent out the official word on the changes being assembled to the PS3 Slim console.

Gaming blog Andriasang says that the new slim spin-off, dubbed the CECH-3000B, is based on a 320 gigabyte PS3 Slim. The power consumption is being cut from 230W to 200W while the weight is being cut down by 400 grams. Other tweaks include external changes to the power and eject buttons. One retailer also mentioned the removal of LED lamps, although Andriasang notes that the specifics aren’t quite clear.

One thing that isn’t changing is the price. The CECH-3000B model will have the same ¥ 34,980 price point as the current 320GB PS3 Slim model. The included accessories – Dual Shock 3, power cable, AV cable and USB cable — also remain the same.

The new models will start showing up on retails shelves sometime this month.


New PS3 Slim Accessory Announced from Duracell

Duracell announced today the Duracell Extender for the PlayStation 3. The expansion bay attaches to the PS3 Slim Model and adds additional ports, SD card ports and the ability to charge multiple Dual shock’s. Here is the official announcement:

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The PS3 Slim Silver

Landing in Japan on March 10th is the PS3 Slim Silver. Both the 160GB and 320GB variants will be available. Remember back when the Fat was in the Silver was made as a limited edition? Does color really matter you? Would you like to see this hit stateside? [Source]


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