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My Little Black 80GB Friend and Me

My name is FooBear408. What is a foobear you may ask?

A foobear is cross between a pug dog (sometimes referred to as a “foo” dog) and the bear part being a horribly overweight guy who likes to refer to himself in the third person. The 408 ending is just an area code reference…so chew on that, it’s delicious. 

Now that we have that out of the way, let me get directly to the point, fearless reader. The reason why we even come to this blog. The reason we huddle together in dark basements and even darker living rooms. It’s the reason I sit on my couch during most weekends and hiss like a vampire when my girlfriend opens the curtains or turns on a light. That little black technological wonder – the Playstation 3.

Recently over the holiday weekend, I had the distinct pleasure of my girlfriends’ parents stay with us. Her stepdad enjoys watching gameplay on my super awesome tv, usually commenting on the graphics and how smooth everything looks. It was then time to open presents on Christmas morning and low and behold I received the new Logitech 960 wireless headset as well as other mind exploding gifts. So as you can imagine I was eager to set up these ear goggles and rushed with baited breath and begin the daunting task of setting this headset up with my little black friend.

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‘Just Announced’ 160GB PS3 Slim spotted on GameStop

ps3-160Has GameStop jumped the gun again? The retailer has posted and hastily pulled a listing for a “just announced” 160GB PS3 Slim.

Before disappearing, the listing reportedly had the 160GB Slim priced at US$ 299.99, the same price that the 120GB model has now.

Aside from the standard retail pack, a US$ 404.97 God of War 3 bundle containing the game and two controllers as well as a US$ 379.97 Accessory Bundle with two controllers and a Bluetooth remote were also being offered.

Sony hasn’t announced anything yet, but notice the “Just Announced” label on the pic. Sony is having its Gamescom conference later today, though, so perhaps some GameStop employee got the dates mixed up.

Update its been confirmed by

James Gallagher: There’s a 320 GB PS3 available at 349 Euro and a 160 GB for 299.

Which is what he said in the Live blog. So thoughts on the new bundles?




Leave it to Sony to Snatch Defeat Out of the Jaws of Victory

After a dismal first few years with sporadic sales boost from time-to-time, sales of the PS3 really didn’t catch fire until the official introduction of the PS3 SLIM nearly a year ago.  At $299 the PS3 SLIM was finally at the right price for those who were hesitant to purchase the machine at it’s previous price tag. The hardware gap between Sony’s and Microsoft’s systems quickly shrank thanks to the PS3 SLIM.

Companies like Activision predicted that the PS3 would outsell the 360 this year. With huge software titles releasing this year, God of War 3, Final Fantasy XIII and Heavy Rain, Sony’s PS3 was finally in a winning position. Unfortunately none of these titles pushed hardware sales for the system. Not even the highly anticipated exclusive God of War 3. This is due to the fact that the PS3 SLIM has been plagued by shortages.
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New CECH-2101 PS3 Slims with 40nm RSX chips spotted


It seems the new CECH-2101 PS3 Slim models are finally out in the wild.

A poster on the CheapAssGamers forum reports that he found one at his local Fry’s while another spotted a unit at Target. The new PS3s have also reportedly made it to Canada as one poster says he got his at a Futureshop in Toronto.

The new CECH-2101 PS3 model comes with a 40nm RSX chip. That means it uses up less power, is less likely to overheat, and is not as susceptible to YLOD issues as older models.

[CheapAssGamer forums via VG247]

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