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PS Store Reboot is Now Live

It seems the talk on the net, is that the new PS Store reboot is live. Unfortunately, I am at work at the moment so cannot check it out. The new design is meant to be more responsive and be easier to navigate. Installation is easy and does not require a system update. All you need to do is open up the PS Store and it will ask you to download a 26 MB update. To read more about the update and see some pictures, check out our previous article on it here


Are You a Trophy Hunter?


I was reading some news on the internet right after last E3, when I stumbled on a very interesting post over at IGN about PSN Trophies. For those who can’t remember, PSN Trophies arrived in 2008 and introduced achievement-like unlocks for PS3 and PSN games. The post at the link made me realize that a few gamers — including me — have changed the way they play games ever since they appeared!

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