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Heavy Rain Move Edition first screens revealed


The first images of the Move-enhanced edition of the hit psychological thriller Heavy Rain has been outed by SCEE.


Possible release time period after the jump!

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Heavy Rain Review

In 1895 the Lumière brothers made the first ever motion film and now in 2010 the French, in David Cage, are reinventing the cinema again albeit in a new medium via the Playstation 3. This is no ordinary game, its story is told in a completely unique method; “Thank you for supporting Interactive Drama”, it’s the first trophy you obtain (they are awarded during loading screens to avoid ruining immersion) and it says it all. This is an incredible Film Noir thriller of a game and the best thing about Heavy Rain? Its corrected all of Quantic Dreams’ faults from their previous effort Fahrenheit and made one the best games of this generation.

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Heavy Rain Hits #1 Spot on Amazon Best Sellers List

After the embargo lifted on the reviews for Heavy Rain, it appears that what was once a mysterious title with an unsure future got what it needed most. With multitudes of scores hitting 90-100 (adjusted for scale, of course), it appears that people who were putting the game on hold basically got the assurance they were seeking, thus shooting the game up to the number one spot on’s Best Sellers in Video Games.

Also of note, Final Fantasy XIII for PS3 is in the #3 spot, God of War III at #10 (which will most likely sky rocket when more reviews start coming in) and the 120GB PS3 in the #5 spot (as of this writing anyway). So maybe, just maybe, Heavy Rain could actually be a runaway hit with the sales and become one of the best selling underdogs in a long, long time? That’s still to be seen, of course, but congratulations to Quantic Dream on creating a different experience and still manage to take the #1 spot before it even releases.


Heavy Rain Demo Impressions

For those of us who were able to get a hold of the demo early, I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have. Well, you just read my impression, so you’re free to leave now!. To begin, the demo itself is approximately 1700MBs (the codes were specific to EU/UK regions, so you’ll need a European account to download it, so the size may be the result of localization). Keep in mind, this Impressions post contains spoilers, so read at your own discretion!

When you enter the demo, you may want to change the gamma settings in the options menu, though, but you may also want to keep it a little darker than the recommended “until you can barely see the origami” settings for better atmosphere. The production screens, etc at the beginning also have surround sound encoded with rain drops, so it does a decent job of immersing you into the game before the menu even comes up. As for the menu itself, I don’t know what the “Tutorial” is, since I’ve went to “Start New Demo” and assumed that it would be included (it might be the beginning part of the Scott Shelby chapter “Sleazy Place”). The loading screens are pretty cool as well. They depict a close up of the face of the character you will be controlling, in great detail, too. Anyway, onto the most important part of the game, the gameplay.

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