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Quantic Dreams’ Kara Demo

The makers of Heavy Rain, Quantic Dreams, showed off a new tech demo featuring a cyborg named Kara at GDC last week, which was a tad impressive. So what are you doing reading this? Start watching now:

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Heavy Rain Sells 2 Million Copies Worldwide But Second Hand Sales Eat At Quantic Dream’s Profits

Over a year after it’s release worldwide sales of Quantic Dream’s interactive drama, Heavy Rain, have reached the two million mark. Such an achievement for a unique new IP in this crowded market of shooters is noteworthy but according to studio co-founder Guillaume de Fondaumiere, Heavy Rain’s sales could actually be much higher.

“We basically sold to date approximately two million units, we know from the trophy system that probably more than three million people bought this game and played it.”

“On my small level it’s a million people playing my game without giving me one cent. And my calculation is, as Quantic Dream, I lost between €5 and €10 million worth of royalties because of second hand gaming.”

Fondaumiere blames the state of the economy for the increase in used gaming sales as consumers look for more affordable means to buying games. He also warns that if the situation continues developers will “stop making games if they can’t recoup a profit”.



Heavy Rain Deleted Scenes

[spoiler intro=”Click Show to be Spoiled if you haven’t played it! —————>”][/spoiler]

Since it wasn’t just the video itself that contained spoilers, the ‘thumbnail’ also did, so I hid the entirety of the video under a spoiler tag. With that said, I think that some of the stuff that they showed here should have been included in the final version of the game, especially the Madison Paige bit, which would have made her less of such a mysterious character.

The other stuff? It’s rather obvious why they wouldn’t include all of that (what, with the weirdness and everything from the Ethan bits), but there’s no denying that the concept behind some of those scenes were a neat idea.



Heavy Rain IGN Review // Review Embargo Lifted

IGN has reviewed Heavy Rain and gave the game a 9.0/10. For being a game that plays different than most other games out there, that is a very high score! They praised the story, claiming it’s one of the best in video gaming and gave kudos to the risky control scheme, saying that it probably wouldn’t have worked with any other kind of control setup. They have also stated that you’ll gain a connection with the characters and will most likely want to play through the ending chapters multiple times for “vastly” different endings.

Glad to hear that the control scheme works well. They had a few minor issues, though, like some objects not being as detailed as they should be, a few unclear prompts, the accent of the voice actors slipping through on some of the lines, and a couple weird hand/finger twitches. Their biggest complaint, though, was the beginning’s very slow start, but after a supposed couple of hours, the game’s story really draws you in and you’ll not want to put the controller down. Can’t wait to get my hands on this one ;).

You can read the entirety of the review here.

UPDATE: It seems like everyone and their brother has reviewed the game :P. Where’s our review copy? haha. Anyway, Metacritic currently puts the game at a 90 out of 32 reviews. You can check that out here.


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