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Starhawk Beta Update

SCEA just launched version 1.3 of the Starhawk beta. The update introduces a new map called Planet Dust, a 32 player, huge map with new vehicles and weapons. The update also includes the Sidewinder Jetbike and the powerful OX tank, both shown in the video above.

Starhawk public beta is available for download on PSN. Get on the beta, and check out the multiplayer for yourself soon, as the beta will end on the 27th of this month.

Starhawk is scheduled for release on May 8th 2012. For more details visit the official Starhawk website.



Starhawk: Limited Edition Announced

The official PlayStation Blog revealed the limited edition of the upcoming PS3 exclusive third person shooter: Starhawk. The game is developed by LightBox Interactive and Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It will feature 2-4 split screen multiplayer and 32 players online.
You can acquire the limited edition for no additional costs by pre-ordering the game from Gamestop. The limited edition will include 2 DLC, the original soundtrack and a code to download Warhawk from the PlayStation store.

Here is the full list of Starhawk Limited Edition Contents:
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GOW: Ghost of Sparta PSP Review

Oh, brother where art thou? In Hell, you say? Well I had better slay every man, beast and God that stands in my way to rescue him then. God of War is back on the PSP in the form of Ghost of Sparta and it looks to test the capabilities of the handheld so hard that it threatens to rip it apart like one of Kratos’ many enemies. But does GOS push the series in any new directions or has the GOW started to stagnate after the recent PS3 epic?

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God Of War III Review

thasdgmopjsff… Sorry, I should have picked my jaw up off the floor before I started speaking. To say this game opens in the most epic of fashions would be saying Kratos has a slight anger management issue. I have never witnessed such a grandiose intro with titans that not only fill the screen but are in fact fill the entire level and vast amount of enemies on screen at once. Epic is a word used a lot in this generation of games but GOW III has truly redefined the word and then disembowelled it.

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