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Starhawk Beta Update

SCEA just launched version 1.3 of the Starhawk beta. The update introduces a new map called Planet Dust, a 32 player, huge map with new vehicles and weapons. The update also includes the Sidewinder Jetbike and the powerful OX tank, both shown in the video above.

Starhawk public beta is available for download on PSN. Get on the beta, and check out the multiplayer for yourself soon, as the beta will end on the 27th of this month.

Starhawk is scheduled for release on May 8th 2012. For more details visit the official Starhawk website.



Starhawk Beta is Now Open to All

The Starhawk Beta has finally opened to the public. To kick it off Harvard Bonin stopped by the Sony Blog to share some tips from the staff and top players.

Check out his tips, and some very helpful diagrams of all the different controls in the game after the jump.
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Starhawk Beta Invites Coming This Tuesday

If you’re a Warhawk veteran and opted in for PlayStation emails, invites for the Starhawk beta should start reaching inboxes Tuesday. Keep in mind, it’s a slow rollout, so as the beta progresses, more and more people will be invited. Be sure to read all of the details about what to expect at the Official Blog. Let us know if you get an invite!


MAG Review


MAG is an acronym for Massive Action Game and boy is it massive, full of action and erm… a game. Sporting 256 player battles, the only game to do so this generation, MAG offers something truly exceptional to differentiate itself from the rest of the FPS market. Fortunately Zipper has designed the game from the ground up to accommodate the high number of players by dividing them up into squads. Each 128 man team is made up of 4 platoons that consist of 32 players; these are then broken down into 8 man squads, which is what you’ll be focusing on at first. The leaders of these squads and platoons is decided by rank, so the more experienced players will be issuing out the orders to the inexperienced pretty much like a real life army…

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