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God Of War III Review

March 15, 2010 | | 9 Comments

thasdgmopjsff… Sorry, I should have picked my jaw up off the floor before I started speaking. To say this game opens in the most epic of fashions would be saying Kratos has a slight anger management issue. I have never witnessed such a grandiose intro with titans that not only fill the screen but are in fact fill the entire level and vast amount of enemies on screen at once. Epic is a word used a lot in this generation of games but GOW III has truly redefined the word and then disembowelled it.

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White Knight Chronicles: International Review

March 12, 2010 | | 7 Comments [tab:Story Mode]

When you first  pop White Knight Chronicles: International into your PS3 you’re greeted by a one time  2.8gb HD install screen. Once that’s done you’re can create your own character who is introduced in the game and plays a … Read More

Heavy Rain Review

February 21, 2010 | | 3 Comments

In 1895 the Lumière brothers made the first ever motion film and now in 2010 the French, in David Cage, are reinventing the cinema again albeit in a new medium via the Playstation 3. This is no ordinary game, its story is told in a completely unique method; “Thank you for supporting Interactive Drama”, it’s the first trophy you obtain (they are awarded during loading screens to avoid ruining immersion) and it says it all. This is an incredible Film Noir thriller of a game and the best thing about Heavy Rain? Its corrected all of Quantic Dreams’ faults from their previous effort Fahrenheit and made one the best games of this generation.

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Hustle Kings: The Review

February 13, 2010 | | 11 Comments [tab:Introduction]

For those of you who were wondering when I was going to get this review up, you’re in luck! Here it is! Now first off, pool (formally known as billiards) is all about physics, and this game does … Read More

Gran Turismo PSP Review

January 26, 2010 | | 7 Comments


Gran Turismo finally hit the PSP, in October 2009, after years of delays; I recently got a PSP Go and took GT for a spin. The first thing that hits you about this game is the frame rate. It’s astonishing that Polyphony have managed to make a game look and run this well on such a small handheld. There has been a sacrifice in the amount of opponent A.I. you face with only 4 cars now on track. It’s a disappointment, which might be a big issue with some gamers. However, for me it was a worthwhile sacrifice as the controls are impeccable thanks to the fluidity afforded by running the game in 60fps.

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Fat Princess Review: Single and Multiplayer

August 13, 2009 | | 10 Comments

If you want to skip my negativity, skip this part.

Single Player

For those who are wanting to find a deep and enganging single player experience, look somewhere else. The downloadable game has a novelty feel to it, yes, but the experience I had with, “Play with yourself” portion of the game had some dumb AI choices. For example, you set up the catapult right? And you expect some of the little guys to come with you to jump over to the next castle, but no. They’re on the their own little adventure capturing resources. I even sat in the catapult waiting for them until they notice I was in it. Either way, I kinda felt like the single player should’ve been a straight RTS. But their are some positives.

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It does give you a reason why we’re going and getting the Princess, and why she’s eating so many cakes. And it has some humor in it where you’ll hear a few cries like, “I’m hungry, feed me cake”. Her voice even changes every time you feed her cake as well. There are 4 different game modes, which you can go online or offline. Like I said, offline is not where the meat is at all.

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The thing about the online is, you can find a game and usually you stick with it. The customization in, “Lets Get Fabulous” is varied. I mean that in a good way. You can change the color of your skin tone and hair. Their are 22 skin tones, hair and beard styles. Pressing the “Randomonizer”, Will give you a chuckle or two. Now back to what I think about the online.

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