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Soul Sacrifice Gamescom Trailer

Soul Sacrifice is a game of Sorcery in which one sacrifices body parts to cast devastating spells and create archaic weapons. Battling it out with large foes in this online co-op action titles will be a treat for many Playstation Vita owners. SCEJ and Marvelous AQL bring us this dark and doleful tale of a slave that serves an evil sorcerer who frees himself with a demon spell book that appears before him before he is sacrificed. You will be able to pick between a few different types of playable characters styles ranging from tank, caster to melee. Hopefully we get more details soon and maybe a release date.


New Details On Playstation Vita’s Soul Sacrifice

A recent teaser trailer was released a couple days ago which you can see here and there is a small conference going to be held on this game soon in Japan, but until then, we have some new details to share.

-Game based around a book in its central story call The Demon Book
-Main character was raised by cruel sorcerer
-Player enters the book to fight monsters
-Gameplay will have a customization component which changes how your character looks depending on how you play.
-Monsters are old humans who lost their way. Make a mistake and your character will become monster-like.
-Magic is based on sacrificing body parts for Magical attacks i.e. cutting your fingers off, ripping your spine out, gouging out your eyes each resulting in a special attack.
-Game supports 1-4 players (not sure in what fashion yet) and you can sacrifice other players.
-Keiji Inafune is the planning and development lead
-Marvelous AQL is where development is taking place
-Music done by Yasunori Mitsuda and Watru Hokoyama
-Produced by Kentaro Motomura and Teruyuki Toriyama
-Winter release as the game is 50% complete


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Soul Sacrifice Gets A Teaser

Already one of the most anticipated Vita titles, there is a lot of speculation on this game. In this teaser we get to see the tiniest bit of game play and that it is a very dark game, fast paced and most importantly, Its a tad reminiscent of a Souls game and a little Monster Hunter. The odd thing that I don’t see is weapons. This game seems to be all about the magic.

Tomorrow, May 10th in Japan, there will be a conference given for this game. We should see a full trailer and get some much needed information. What would you like to see happen in this game?

*Rumor* There is a rumor that this could actually be Keji Inafune’s (Resident Evil Producer) secret Vita game.


New Vita Action Game – Soul Sacrifice (Update)

Playstation Vita’s next big game has been leaked by Sinobi’s Twitter (Who leaks a lot of Famitsu info early). Soul Sacrifice will be officially announced on May 10th.

The key themes to the game are “A story about magicians”, ” The concept of evolved co-op battles” and “high spec grahics for creating a realistic fanstasy world”.

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