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15 Years Later – Revisiting Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within [Movie Review]


Over the weekend I got the idea to go back and watch Final Fantasy: Spirits Within, probably because I had been playing the Final Fantasy XV Platinum demo (and learning about the CGI movie that will accompany the full game’s release). Written in part by Hironobu Sakaguchi (Director of many Final Fantasy games), you have to wonder, did the movie age well? How does it stand on its own, more than a decade and a half later?

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PS3 and PS4 Differences For Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness

Star Ocean 5

According to a post I found over at DualShockers, there won’t be any direct difference regarding the content itself for Star Ocean 5 between the PS3 and PS4 version of the game, but the PlayStation 3 version will be running at 720p and 30 fps (with some variations here and there), while the PlayStation 4 version will be running at 1080p and 60 fps (again, with some variations in some areas).

On top of that, they state the following:

The PS4 has higher detail on physics, characters, backgrounds, effects, and higher draw distance for objects and enemies. The PS3 version has shorter draw distance and some parts are “reduced and simplified.”

Be sure to check the video below to see some of these differences in action.

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PS Plus Exclusive Beta for Hitman Coming Next Week

If you missed out on the Beta for Hitman from two weeks ago but still want to play Hitman before it’s March 11 release on PlayStation 4, then you better get a PlayStation Plus subscription! Square Enix is making the Beta available to PS Plus subscribers from March 4 to March 6.

Have you pre-ordered the game? What do you think of the way new content will be released after launch day? Let us know in the comments below!

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Hitman GO: Definitive Edition Coming To PS Vita

Hitman Go Definitive Edition - 1

Square Enix has announced that they’ll be bringing Hitman GO to PS Vita and PS4 as Hitman GO: Definitive Edition. The even better news is that it will be released on February 23… and that is next week! If you’re not familiar with the game, this is a turn-based strategy/puzzle release in the Hitman Universe, presented in diorama pieces.

For only $7.99 you’ll get over 90 puzzles for this cross-buy and cross-save release. Trophy hunters will be happy to learn that this new game has a Platinum trophy, so you’ll definitely be busy with the game for a while!

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