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[E3 2015] FINAL FANTASY VII Is Being Developed For PS4… For Real This Time!


Square Enix showed a video teaser for a proper Final Fantasy VII full remake on PS4 (unlike the other “HD Port” of FF VII they have in the works for PS4. You have to see this video to realize how much of an improvement it will be over the original PS1 release.

It looks great, right? This is still in the early stages of development, so don’t expect any gameplay footage for a while!

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New Trailer for the PS4 version of Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster

Final Fantasy X and X2 Remaster

Ceidz really liked the HD Remastered for Final Fantasy X/X-2 released on Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Vita, which is why we’re now sharing the latest trailer for the new PlayStation 4 version of this great pair of games.

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[Review Revisited] Final Fantasy XIII-2


Just in time for next week’s release of the first Final Fantasy game for the current generation of consoles – Final Fantasy Type-0 – I thought now would be a perfect time to revisit Final Fantasy XIII-2, which I reviewed almost three years ago. Final Fantasy XIII-2 follows the story of Serah -Lightning’s sister- and Noel -the last man who ever lived- in their struggle to save the world from destruction, 700 years in the future.

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[JRPG Review Revisited] Star Ocean: The Last Hope International


Star Ocean: The Last Hope is a very good RPG in the Star Ocean franchise, a sci-fi series that is set in the far future. In this game, which is in fact a prequel to the 3 other Star Ocean games, your quest will be to find a new home for the residents of Earth, in the aftermath of WWIII that left our planet as an hostile environment.

I’m revisiting this review today because this is one of the RPGs I loved from my PS3 library. I purchased it as soon as it was released and played it through twice, and I would definitely replay this RPG gem!

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