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New PlayStation 3 Exclusive Teased

Set for a full reveal on Spike TV’s Video Game Awards Saturday December 10th at 8p ET, SCEA has released a teaser trailer for a new PS3 exclusive that appears to be called “The Last of Us”.

There’s no gameplay footage in the teaser trailers shown but from the looks of it the world has gone to Hell.

The above is just one of the trailers you’ll find on the game’s official website. Another trailer shows an ant infected with Ophiocordyceps camponoti-balzani, a fungi that turns certain insects into “zombies”. It controls the host body and takes it to an ideal growing spot where it then kills the insect by sprouting from it’s brain, as a knowledgeable viewer pointed out on YouTube. This could indicate that “The Last of Us” is another survival horror/ zombie title.


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