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[PS4] SpeedRunners Review

July 24, 2017 |

SpeedRunners is now available on PlayStation 4! This is a fast-paced multiplayer racing side scroller with a strong emphasis on multiplayer. Learn more in our SpeedRunners review!

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[Beyond PlayStation] Mr. Shifty Review

April 24, 2017 |

Mr. Shifty is a top-down action adventure game. Are you familiar with Nightcrawler, the blue mutant that can flit from place to place in the blink of an eye? The gameplay mechanics for Mr. Shifty work in a similar since you can teleport around each area without alerting your enemies… if you do things right. Want to learn more? Then read our Mr. Shifty review!

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[PS4] Punch Club Review

April 6, 2017 |

Punch Club is a boxing simulator where you don’t actually get to control the boxing matches per se. You build up your fighter with several activities before a fight, and then the game simulates the fight by taking into consideration your fighter’s stats and training. Come read our Punch Club review to learn more!

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Punch Club Out Today For PS4

March 31, 2017 |

Punch Club

tinyBuild is set to release Punch Club today for PlayStation 4! Check out the game’s trailer below to get a feel for what the game has to offer. Click after the break to learn more about it!

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[PS4] Clustertruck Review

January 10, 2017 |

Clustertruck Review

ClusterTruck from TINYBUILD is a fast-paced and crazy platformer which asks that you jump around the top of several trucks speeding down the highway. And if you think that’s crazy, wait until you have to avoid lasers, flamethrowers and more! Intrigued? Then come read our ClusterTruck review to see why this is a very cool game you should play on PS4!

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[PS4] The Final Station Review

September 29, 2016 |

The Final Station Review

The Final Station is a new survival adventure set in a post-apocalyptic world. Are you ready to transport people on your train to a safe destination while also caring for their well-being? Then come read our The Final Station review to learn more!

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[PS4] Lovely Planet Review

July 1, 2016 |

Lovely Planet Review

Booting up Lovely Planet for the first time, I was greeted with beautiful Katamari Damacy style graphics, lots of floating platforms and odd shaped colorful enemies that can kill you in a single shot, forcing you to restart from scratch. I was immediately intrigued. Come read our Lovely Planet review to see if the game is for you!

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Lovely Planet To Release Today On PS4

April 5, 2016 |

Lovely Planet - 2

Lovely Planet from indie dev tinyBuild will be released today on PlayStation 4, and we have the trailer to prove it! The studio describes Lovely Planet as a first-person shooter gun ballet. If that didn’t grab your attention and made you instantly want to add the game to your collection…

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