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Resident Evil 6 Playthrough – Prelude

Resident Evil 6 is the latest instalment in Capcom’s long running survival horror franchise. With three playable campaigns starring (no pun intended) Leon S. Kennedy, Chris Redfield and new boy Jake Muller, it’s a beast of a game. These campaigns take place across the world and yet all interlink and upon completion of all 3 there is an unlockable bonus fourth campaign.

I play through the opening 15 minutes that is the Prelude featuring Leon and new girl Helena. Are you planning to buy Resident Evil 6 at a high price? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and keep an eye out for our review on the blog.

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Just A Small Town Journey Video

Ever noticed how Journey’s protagonist is living in a lonely wooooorrllldd? Well Dog Food Films did and made this splendid Journey video, check it out!

Don’t stop believing you can get to that glowing mountain when Journey is released on PSN the 14th March.


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