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Kung-Fu LIVE Cheat Code

Been a while since I’ve seen a nice old school cheat code. This ‘Unlock all’ cheat code will unlock all chapters of the story mode. From the main menu: hold down left (on the dpad) and quickly press through the following sequence: square, triangle, circle, X and start- button. Note: after using the cheat code you can’t save or earn trophies without exiting and booting the game again. Via Virtual Air Guitar Company FB



Winners of Kung-Fu Live Photo Contest

After a few days of voting the winners are Terbas (23 Votes) & Dean147 (20 Votes). Congrats to the winners! I’ll be contacting you via PM shortly to sort out your prizes.



Kung-Fu Live Photo Contest Voting

We got a last minute entry from terbas, so now you must vote for your favorite photo. Click the image to see a larger version. You can vote until the 8 am on January 20th. Then we shall see which 2 members win a free copy of Kung-Fu Live! Got some great photos, check them out and vote after the jump.

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Kung-Fu Live Demo Out and Tutorial Videos

The Kung-Fu Live Demo arrived on the PlayStation Store and along with it Virtual Air Guitar released some tutorials on how to best set up your playing area. My body never fit into the white outline like his does in the video above, lol. Doesn’t really matter though as long as your whole body is visible.

Advanced Calibration tutorial after the jump.

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