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MotorStorm RC Driving to PS Vita for Free!!! Courtesy of Scion

Via the official Playstation Blog, Motorstorm RC, which is available to PS+ users tomorrow 3/6/12 for $7.49 and non-PS+ users for $9.99, will be free for PS Vita users! No additional purchase necessary! Not only that but you will be able to drive an RC version of Scion’s IQ which is exclusive to the PS Vita version.

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Version2Games Has Announced PSVita/PS3 Exclusive – T.U.M.

Not too much is known about T.U.M right now other than it has a slightly creepy trailer. I get an I-robot feel meets Ratchet and Clank with a little Flower. Nope, doesn’t make any sense to me either but it is worth a watch.

The game is being developed by Version2Games who developed made “Smash ‘N’ Survive that was recently released on PSN.

Here is the description of the game from Version2Games:

Jay wakes up from cryogenic sleep. He does not know who he is and where he is. As soon as he gets out, he discovers a world that is entirely made up of concrete and metal. There are no traces of life, no animals, no trees, not even weeds among the stones. The only remnants of nature are dried out plants with no leaves on them, just roots and dead vines.

He soon comes across creatures that have enslaved beings like himself. He must escape them to save his live and there’s only one way is to fight those creatures which makes him an accidental hero. That’s when he hears a voice, the voice of Gaia, the mother nature. She asks him to restore life to this once-thriving place.

The game is a mix of puzzle and combat with dark humor embedded in the dialogs, surroundings and even characters.

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[Review] Super Stardust Delta for the PlayStation Vita

Super Stardust Delta is akin to a modern day Asteroids on crack, but that doesn’t even come close to painting the whole picture for this game. For those of us who played Super Stardust HD on the PS3, you know exactly what I’m talking about. I always explain this game to others as a game that will make your eyeballs sweat because there are some defining moments of action that if you blink, you’re dead.

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Sony to Hold PSVita Web Broadcast on March 9th to Announce New Titles

Sony will be holding a web broadcast on March 9th at 20:00 JST to gives us a heads up on previously unannounced Vita titles, new release dates and new Vita services. The broadcast will feature presentations from game creators as well.

It will be nice to hear about some new titles coming up and perhaps get a release date on Final Fantasy X HD 🙂

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