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Mark Your Calendar – October 13 is Corpse Party: Blood Drive Day!

Corpse Party Blood Drive Release

XSEED Games made us very happy today when they told us that Corpse Party: Blood Drive is coming to PS Vita… on October 13! That’s only a few weeks away, so we’re now counting down the days to play the game so that we can share with you our review. But wait, there’s more! XSEED Games will also be releasing a very limited edition of Corpse Party: Blood Drive at retail so be sure to check after the break to read more about what is included in the box.

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[Review Revisited] Corpse Party: Book of Shadows

Review Revisited - Corpse Party Book of Shadows

Welcome to today’s Review Revisited! After covering Corpse Party on a Review Revisited almost a year ago, I figured it was time to bring the spotlight over its sequel Corpse Party: Book of Shadows. The sequel changed things around by skipping the 16-bit look of its predecessor to move to a presentation similar to the Phoenix Wright series were you explore each area as a static image you can click on to check out objects or characters.

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The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel – Coming To PlayStation 3 and PS Vita

Trails of Cold Steel

XSEED Games has let us know that The Legend of Heroes: Trails Of Cold Steel, their upcoming RPG release, will be getting a limited edition they have named the “Lionheart Edition”

The “Lionheart Edition” will contain an art book featuring over 100 pages of art from the game as well as its sequel, The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II, and a 1.5′” pin displaying the emblem of the country of Erebonia, packaged with the game in a custom collectible clamshell-type box that will also be able to house the sequel when it releases in 2016 so that collectors can store the initial Cold Steel duology in a single package. The Lionheart Edition will be available for pre-order at select retailers shortly.

Trails of Cold Limited Edition

Considering that the regular price for The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel on PlayStation 3 and PS Vita in North America will be $39.99, the Lionheart Edition at $49.99 is a great deal.

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Trails In The Sky RPG Developer Talks About The Localization Effort For Upcoming Game


As a software developer myself, I’m always curious about how the actual work in a game company is done. I stumbled unto a very interesting post over at the XSEED Blog in which the translator for the upcoming second chapter of the Trails in the Sky series talks about the localization effort.

It’s a very interesting read and it makes it easier to understand the actual effort required to translate a game from Japanese to English!

Any of you interested in this RPG?


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