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Zipper Interactive’s Unit 13 Set for a March 2012 release

Socom series creator Zipper Interactive formally announced a Japanese release date for the third person PlayStation Vita game Unit 13. The game will be released March 8 priced ¥4,980 at retail and ¥3,900 in download form. Visit the official Unit 13 site here.

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Socom Series Creator Jumps In The Vita Wagon With “Unit 13”

It’s no big secret Socom 4 was a fail. Just a quick glance of the official message boards and you will see a whole lot of negativity. Also some of you, who follow industry news may remember the recent downsizing of the company after the release of Socom 4. Zipper Interactive announced a new title today for the PlayStation Vita titled “Unit 13”.

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Socom 4 patch is Live

The latest SOCOM 4 patch is now live. The team is saying 42MB, but it loads up at 42, and then when you go online… Be prepared for a 4 part download with parts as big as 320MB! It appears they are still working on the weapon knock to prevent rapid fire hacks, which is a good thing.

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SOCOM 4 (a.k.a SOCOM Special Forces) Single Player Review

First of all, I’d like to make an apology to Zipper Interactive & SONY for taking longer than expected on this review. A few reasons for that, but the majority of the time was spent waiting for PSN to come back up as I was looking to give the multiplayer a test drive.

Now, before I go ahead to give you an overview of the game, I’d just like to clarify that this review is purely based on the single player campaign. As briefly mentioned above, before I got around to give the multiplayer a chance, PSN was taken offline. Hopefully, once PSN is up and running, I’ll be able to give the multiplayer a whirl and give you my thoughts on that too.

So, where were we? Ahh…yes. I decided to play the single player campaign on normal mode. The introductory video certainly kept me glued to the screen, but once the game got started I wasn’t quite sure about the initial impression the game was giving me.

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