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3 Million Xbox 2’s Sold This Year?

Goldman Sachs thinks that Microsoft may sell 3 million Xbox 2’s this year (at least so says this article). It’s just speculation right now as to when the Xbox 2 will be released, but October and November dates are being bandied about. So lets say it’s November 1st. That gives about 9 weeks to sell 3 million boxes. That’s about 330,000 boxes a week. Sony did more than that in their first week of selling the PSP, but I doubt they’re going to be able to keep up that momentum. We’ll have to see.

Goldman Sachs also predict that the console would cost between $250 and $300, a traditional price for a new console. Some people were speculating that it might be more, but not Goldman Sachs. They also think that Microsoft will continue to make the Xbox, much like Sony continued selling the PSOne after the PS2 came out.

Goldman Sachs also thinks the PS3 won’t come out until mid-2006. Nothing new there.

Link: – 3 million units of Xbox 2 this year?

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