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Xbox 360 Revealed! Kinda…

Xbox 360So last night three of my friends and I were playing Empire Builder, a roadway building game that uses crayons to lay down tracks. Low-tech, I know, but it was my first time playing the game and I had fun. At around 9:30 we paused to check out MTV for the unveiling of the Xbox 360. But… it wasn’t on! Doh! We had MTV Canada, which didn’t have the Xbox 360 show. Grrrr…. So anyway, we continue playing Empire Builder and by 12pm or so we were getting a little tired, especially Todd. Todd will often start to doze on our games nights when it gets late, and when playing Champions on the PS2 or Heros on the Xbox he’ll often stop moving his character so we have to poke him to wake him up. Anyway, we quit the game at midnight and tallied up our accomplishments. While none of us met the winning conditions, I was closest, so I won! Yay. Anyway, when I got home at 12:30am I switched on my HDTV to watch the Xbox 360 thing, which started late and had way too many commercials. (In Canada the Xbox show was carried by CTV at 12:39am (it was supposed to be 12:35am)).

So what was the show like? Well, it takes place in a big party room and there are gobs of people yelling, having fun, with green lights everywhere. Then a lady tromps out with a backpack. The big moment! She struts onto stage, opens the backpack, and pulls out the Xbox 360! There it is! (It looks like the images leaked on the ‘net.) She places it on a podium, and finally we’ll get to see this thing up close, check it out, visually kick its tires, etc. Uh… not so much. She just places it down when the camera cuts to something else. And this is the story of the show.

The show was one of the most anti-climactic events to ever to… well… just ever. They hardly showed the Xbox 360 at all! You couldn’t get a good look at it! They never showed the back, and they never showed a controller. They barely showed any screenshots. What you did get instead was the Pillars, or the Killers, or whatever, singing a couple songs, and a bunch of other people talking about how great the Xbox 360 is. Near the end they had a four-on-four deathmatch where they showed some cool screenshots, but invariably the camera cut away just as you were realizing what you were seeing. Instead it focused mostly on the players yelling at each other.

The official Xbox site does have some detailed information, thank goodness.

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